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Filing claims against Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

This information is provided as a service to our customers and is not intended to substitute for legal advice. You are urged to obtain legal advice if you have any questions about this information. UTA makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the following information.

Claims against governmental entities such as UTA are governed by the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah (the “Act”). Anyone making a claim against a governmental entity must strictly comply with the requirements of the Act, which may change from time to time. By providing this information, UTA does not intend to waive any provision of the Act. Certain types of claims are not subject to the requirements of the Act, and may be governed by other laws or procedures.

Even if your claim is filed correctly in accordance with the requirements of the Act, your claim may be denied based on the evidence in the case.

Filing fraudulent claims against UTA

UTA prosecutes all fraudulent claims filed against it. Claims filed without merit and not brought or asserted in good faith could result in UTA recovering attorney’s fees from you. See Utah Code § 78B-5-825. View Utah Code

Personal Injury Protection (PIP or No-Fault) Claims

The State of Utah requires that all motor vehicles registered in the State carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP or no-fault) coverage - Utah Code Ann. § 31A-22-302. This coverage applies to UTA bus operations only; PIP coverage does not apply to TRAX or FrontRunner trains.

If you were a passenger injured while boarding, deboarding or riding on a UTA bus, or a pedestrian injured by a UTA bus, and you require medical treatment you may file a claim for PIP benefits with UTA.

To apply for PIP benefits you must complete and return a PIP application and Medical Authorization form as well as documentation requested in the instructions. Download PIP Application Packet (PDF, 76 KB). This packet contains instructions and a brief summary of benefits.

Additional information on PIP benefits may be found on the Utah State Government website - Utah Code Ann. § 31A-22-309.

If you feel that your injury as a passenger or pedestrian was due to negligence on the part of UTA, and you wish to file a personal injury claim against UTA, you must follow the instructions below for filing a personal injury claim.

UTA Policy Statement Regarding Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 31A-22-305 (4) (h) (i) and (ii) (2013) A self-insured, including a governmental entity, may elect to provide uninsured motorist coverage in an amount that is less than its maximum self-insured retention under subsections (4)(a) and (5)(a) by issuing a declaratory memorandum or policy statement from the chief financial officer or chief risk officer.

Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 31A-22-305.3 (3) (a) (2013) Utah Transit Authority (UTA) rejects underinsured motorist coverage.

The Chief Financial Officer of UTA has issued a Declaration of Policy Statement regarding Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. The process for filing an Uninsured Motorist or an Underinsured Motorist claim is attached as Exhibit A, and is made a part of this Declaration, which is available here.

Seeking reimbursement from UTA for property damage or personal injury

In general, to pursue a claim against UTA for property damage or personal injury, you are required to strictly comply with all pertinent provisions of the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah, Utah Code Ann. §§ 63G-7-101 through -904. This can be located on the Utah State Government website.

As an example, one of the strict requirements of the Governmental Immunity Act is that you must file a proper Notice of Claim with UTA within one year after the claim arises – and allow UTA to consider and either approve or deny the claim. See Utah Code Ann. § 63G-7-401.

You do not need to hire an attorney to file a Notice of Claim, but you may want to consult with an attorney if you have questions about the process. UTA cannot give you legal advice. To assist in this process, UTA has developed a Notice of Claim form. However, it is your responsibility to provide the information required under the Governmental Immunity Act. You do not need to use the form developed by UTA, but any Notice of Claim does need to meet the requirements of the Governmental Immunity Act. See Utah Code Ann. § 63G-7-401.

As a courtesy, please call UTA before filing your claim. You can reach the UTA Claims Unit at (801) 287-4616. Calling UTA is not mandatory, though UTA may be able assist you by answering questions about your potential claim. However, UTA cannot provide legal advice.

Filing a Notice of Claim

There are typically three steps in filing a claim:

1. Complete the Notice of Claim form(s).

2. File the Notice of Claim in a "timely manner," as defined by the Utah Code. (Mail or deliver your claim form[s] to UTA's Office of General Counsel - Claims Unit).

3. UTA will respond to your claim in accordance with Utah law.

1. Completing the claim form(s)

Download the Notice of Claim Form (PDF)

Section 63G-7-401. Claims for injury—Notice—Contents—Service—Legal disability—Appointment of guardian ad litem. View Utah Code

2. Filing the claim in a timely manner (Mail or deliver the claim form[s] to UTA)

You must file your claim within the time periods set forth in the Utah Code – generally within one year from the accident or incident giving rise to your claim. Section 63G-7-402. Time for filing notice of claim. View Utah Code

Mail or deliver your completed Notice of Claim form to:
Utah Transit Authority
Office of General Counsel-Claims Unit
669 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

IMPORTANT: Facsimiles are not an accepted form of delivery. A signed original Notice of Claim form must be mailed or delivered as indicated above, or your claim will not be accepted.

3. UTA will respond to your claim

UTA will respond to your claim according to the provisions in the Utah Code.  Section 63G-7-403. View Utah Code

Other provisions of the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah


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