FTA 5310 Grant Program

Transportation for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities – FTA 5310 Grant Program

The FTA Section 5310 Program was established by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to meet the transportation needs of elderly persons and persons with disabilities where public mass transportation services are otherwise unavailable, insufficient or unequipped to handle their needs.

The intent of this page is to provide information on the Section 5310 Program so that interested applicants in Salt Lake, Weber, Davis and Utah counties as well as Brigham City, Willard and Perry, can readily determine if their respective agency is qualified to submit an application to UTA for funds available from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Program Purpose

The FTA Section 5310 Program provides funding to non-profit social services and qualified public agencies for the procurement of accessible vans and buses; communication equipment; mobility management activities; and computer hardware and software to serve elderly persons and individuals with disabilities where existing transportation is unavailable, insufficient or inappropriate.

Funding Selection Process

Projects are awarded through a competitive application process.  Local Mobility Coordinating Councils score projects from their region utilizing the UTA 5310 Grant Management Advisory Team’s adopted project-scoring criteria.

Once approved by FTA, successful applicants enter into a Standard Agreement with UTA. The agreement remains in effect until the terms of the contract are met.  Grantees are responsible for complying with the requirements of the UTA agreement and applicable FTA regulations.

UTA 5310 Program Management Plan

Announcement of FTA 5310 Funding Availability

The Utah Transit Authority will be accepting applications for FTA 5310 - Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Persons with Disabilities funds in Utah’s large urban areas.
Eligible Projects

Funding is available for capital and operating expenses for transportation programs serving seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Eligible Applicants

Agency was represented at one of the following mandatory transportation workshops -

Salt Lake County
Wednesday, January 20th @ 9am
Utah Transit Authority
669 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, Utah

Davis County
Thursday, January 21st @ 9am
Davis County Health Department
22 South State Street
Clearfield, Utah

Utah County
Thursday, January 21st @ 2pm
MAG Offices
586 East 800 North
Orem, Utah

and agency is a –

  1. private nonprofit organization;
  2. state or local government authority; or
  3. operator of public transportation that receives a 5310 grant indirectly through a recipient.

Eligible Project Areas

  1. areas within Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and/or Weber counties
  2. areas within Brigham City, Perry, and/or Willard cities

Application Cycle

  1. Federal Fiscal Year 2015 funds are available for application
  2. application forms will be available beginning December 30th, 2015
  3. applications will be available for download online at rideuta.com/FTA5310
  4. completed applications may be submitted by
    • email to rtaylor@rideuta.com
    • fax to 801-741-8896 - ATTN: Ryan Taylor
    • hand-delivery or mail to -
      • ATTN:  Ryan Taylor
      • Utah Transit Authority
      • 669 W 200 S
      • Salt Lake City, UT 84101
  5. completed applications must be received, or postmarked, by 4:30 pm (MDT) on February 29, 2016 in order to be considered eligible for funding
  6. incomplete applications will not be eligible for award
  7. applicants will be notified of project award in July 2016

Alternative Formats are available upon request.
Questions? Contact       
Ryan Taylor, UTA Coordinated Mobility Manager
(801) 287-2399 / rtaylor@rideuta.com


FTA 5310 Application Documents

The FTA 5310 Application documents are available for download below. The Application is provided as a fillable form in Adobe Acrobat. The form can be completed using the free version of Adobe Acrobat and can be saved on your computer to be completed over a period of time.

The form can also be printed and completed by hand.

If you require an alternative format, please contact Ryan Taylor at (801) 287-2399 or at rtaylor@rideuta.com.

5310 Documents

Coordination Needs and Strategies

In order to be eligible for FTA 5310 funding, your project must address a need or strategy identified in the 2013 coordinated plans. The 2013 Coordination Needs and Strategies (excerpted from the coordinated plans) for Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber, and the area of Brigham City, Perry, and Willard are provided for your use in developing the 5310 Application.