S-Line Phase 2

Salt Lake City (SLC) and UTA are considering an extension of the S Line to 2100 South. The existing S Line was formerly referred to as the Sugar House Streetcar project – or Phase 1. It is projected that extending the project would significantly increase ridership and tie in with new travel markets in the Sugar House commercial district.  The project will study multi-modal circulation opportunities, including trails, biking, walking, and access to transit service beyond the Phase 1 terminus at McClelland Street. Land use analysis recommended future land use changes to complement streetcar in Sugar House. Salt Lake City now has an adopted circulation plan which identifies ways to minimize traffic congestion, maximize pedestrian and transit options, and enhance economic opportunities. In May of 2013, the SLC Council approved a locally preferred alternative for Sugar House Phase 2.  Now SLC is interested in continuing work on the alignment by engaging a consultant to do additional design and environmental work.

The phase 2 study began in 2014 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. A conceptual design has been proposed and environmental analysis is in progress. The study team submitted an application to compete for United States Department of Transportation TIGER VII funds in June of 2015. The date of notification of award is unknown.

Public input opportunities
Public input was taken to perform the Alternatives Analysis in 2012. Additionally, the Salt Lake City Council heard public comment at multiple city council meetings throughout the course of the study. At this time, the study team awaits the TIGER VII decisions before determining the next public outreach effort.

Relevant documents/websites

Sugar House Phase 2 Alternatives Analysis

Circulation and Streetscape Amenities Plan

Project contact information
Kerry Doane kdoane@rideuta.com 801-237-1903