Salt Lake City Downtown Streetcar

Project Overview

Salt Lake City (SLC) and its Redevelopment Agency (RDA) are interested in increasing circulation and promoting economic development in the urban core of the city by implementing a transit service that encourages new and redeveloped properties, and enabling a walkable urban lifestyle.

SLC is conducting an Alternatives Analysis (AA) study for a first segment of what is expected to be a system of streetcar service. The study will comply with FTA guidelines with an additional emphasis on economic development potential of the alternatives. SLC will consult with UTA throughout the study.


The Study began in May 2013 and is anticipated for completion at the end of 2015.

After extensive study and public involvement, the RDA has selected first and second phase alignments that appear most viable based on economic benefits, supportive land uses, redevelopment potential, and ridership.

Through 2015, the study team has been investigating possible impacts of a preferred alignment. Salt Lake City is also engaged in a transit master plan process that would inform the study of a downtown streetcar.

Public input opportunities

Stakeholder/visioning meetings took place during earlier phases of the study. Comments can still be submitted online at Salt Lake City's Open City Hall page (link below).  

Relevant documents/websites

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Project contact information

Kerry Doane, 801-237-1903