Sandy/South Jordan Circulator

Project Overview

The study area was divided into two distinct areas, Sandy to the east and South Jordan to the west, with the South Jordan Commuter Rail station on the cities’ shared boundary.

The purpose of the project was to evaluate the transit travel market in Sandy City and South Jordan City. This evaluation included an inventory and analysis of demographic, economic and transportation data as well as land use, zoning and other municipal data. This inventory and analysis were used to assess the feasibility of a major capital transit project or projects that would meet the needs of the communities in the region. The study summarizes and present recommendations regarding potential transit corridors and technologies that may be feasible within the study area.

Ultimately, the partners wish to increase circulation and promote economic development by implementing a transit service that encourages new and redeveloped properties, enables a walkable urban lifestyle, and serves the regional traveler using FrontRunner and TRAX in reaching their final destinations.

Timeline including start and end dates for project

The study began March 2014 and be completed April 2015.

Public input opportunities

There were public open houses on June 11, 2014 and February 18, 2015 to solicit public input regarding the study.

Relevant documents/websites

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Project Fact Sheet

Project contact information

Hal Johnson
(801) 287-1905