UTA Network Study

Project Manager's Contact Info
Hal Johnson
(801) 287-1905

Project Purpose
UTA supports the goals of creating more livable, sustainable, connected communities and increasing the overall quality of life for residents along the Wasatch Front, which is consistent with WFRC/MAG’s Wasatch Choice for 2040. This study provides technical back-up to transportation choices that support these goals. The Network Study builds on the work completed in the regional transportation plans to identify potential capital investments and lower profile investments, such as headway improvements, system coverage, connectivity, transfer centers and enhancements at key stops. The Network Study highlights various approaches for creating more competitive projects and improving the likelihood that certain projects will be considered for future implementation. UTA worked in close coordination with WFRC, MAG and the Utah Department of Transportation on this study.

Project Background
With the completion of the FrontLines 2015 Program, this study identifies the next tier of capital projects and potential operations strategies to focus on delivering after the 2015 program. Called the UTA Network Planning/Next Tier Projects Study (Network Study), it uses the latest Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs) developed by the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) and Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG).

Project Map
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Completed Work
An Executive Summary is available here.
A Network Study Fact Sheet is available here.

Way Ahead
Define and identify UTA's core network.  Complete a five-year service plan. Recommend optimal bus types for each route.

Link(s) to Previous Research, Studies, and/or Reports
2011 Sustainability Report

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