Utah Collaborative Active Transportation Study

Project Overview

UCATS was initiated to coordinate and enhance ongoing planning efforts for new bike and pedestrian infrastructure by energizing a comprehensive discussion of active transportation at a regional level.  This project seeks to establish the priorities needed to create a comprehensive "active transportation" network linked to mass transit as well as transit-complimentary modes that will enhance and increase transit ridership.

The project is intended to facilitate the development of plans for infrastructure that will:

  • encourage walking and biking --- “active transportation”
  • create environments that attract and retain business
  • increase recreational opportunities and travel demand
  • increase connectivity and mobility

The project will analyze the following:

  • Public perceptions and desires
  • demographic data
  • travel demand
  • economic benefits of developing a cohesive bike/ped transportation network

The project began in the spring 2012 and is expected to be completed spring 2014.

Public input opportunities

Website:  www.ucatsplan.com

Relevant documents

Final project summary documents are posted on www.ucatsplan.com

Project contact information

Johanna Jamison, jjamison@rideuta.com, 801-236-4706

Jen McGrath, jmcgrath@rideuta.com, 801-237-1998