Park & Ride Lot Safety

The best way to ensure that your car and belongs are safe and secure while left at a park and ride lot is to:

  1. Lock your car
  2. Be sure to keep valuables out of sight. Take purses, cameras, face-plates and other valuable items with you.
  3. Park only in designated parking areas.

Don't make it easy for criminals by making your vehicle a tempting target.

Picture of Transit Watch SignWhat is a UTA Vehicle Safety Report Card?

A Vehicle Safety Report Card is an assessment made by UTA police officers that gives you an idea of how likely your car is to be targeted by a would-be thief. To view a sample of a report card, click here (PDF, 258 KB).

Help keep your park-and-ride lot safe!

Please report any suspicious activity immediately to the UTA Police Department at (801) 287-EYES (3937).

Picture of Park and Ride LotThings you can do to help support transit safety and security:

  • Be observant, alert and aware.
  • Take the initiative and become part of the transit community's eyes and ears.
  • Contact the UTA Police Department if something doesn't look right. If you see something...say something!
  • Look out for one another; we can all have a safe ride if we do.