Rider Rules

UTA passengers are expected to abide by the following rules. If you have questions about any of these rules, please contact UTA customer service.

  1. Customers may not eat or drink on the bus or TRAX. Food or beverages may be brought onto your bus or TRAX provided the items are in a closed container.
  2. Customers using audio or video devices are required to use earphones on bus, TRAX and FrontRunner.
  3. For the safety and well being of a baby and other customers, strollers need to be folded and placed under or between seats, and the baby needs to be held on the lap of an adult customer.
  4. Customers must stand behind the white line at the rear of the driver’s seat.
  5. Littering is prohibited.
  6. Obscene, profane, vulgar, foul, or abusive language is prohibited.
  7. Shoes or other footwear are required to be worn. Feet must be covered on persons with disabilities (Flextrans Only).
  8. For the comfort and consideration of other customers, shirts are required to be worn.
  9. Disorderly and inappropriate conduct is prohibited.
  10. Heads, arms, and other body parts are required to be kept inside the bus.
  11. Objects are not to be thrown through the bus, TRAX or FrontRunner window.
  12. Objects within the bus, TRAX or FrontRunner (basketballs, etc.) are required to be controlled.
  13. Spitting is prohibited.
  14. Lewd behavior is prohibited.
  15. Drinking alcohol or the use of illegal drugs is prohibited.
  16. Inappropriate behavior caused by alcohol is prohibited.
  17. Inappropriate conduct with or toward other customers is prohibited.
  18. For safety reasons, parents are required to control children.
  19. Customers are required to obey reasonable requests from the driver or any other authorized UTA representative.
  20. Federal regulations prohibit the transportation of flammable or explosive materials on transit vehicles. This includes automobile batteries. (Electric mobility device battery packs and portable oxygen tanks are exempt from this requirement.)
  21. Individuals who are infected or believe that they may be infected with a communicable disease who pose a threat to the public health and who do not take action as required by the Department of Health to prevent spread of the disease are encouraged not to board the bus.
  22. Individuals with a communicable disease who are subject to an order of restriction issued by the Department of Health may not board the bus.
  23. Customers (including those with monthly passes) may not ride beyond three (3) end of lines.
  24. Conversations with the driver that distract him/her from safely operating the bus are prohibited.
  25. Customers are required to keep aisles clear of obstacles (packages, luggage, etc.).Vandalism or willful destruction of UTA property is prohibited.
  26. Fighting or threatening to fight is prohibited.
  27. Customers may not maintain or commit a public nuisance as defined in Section 76-10-803 of the Utah Criminal Code.
  28. Offensive body or other offensive odors are prohibited.
  29. Loud noises are prohibited.
  30. Obscene attire is prohibited.
  31. Customers may not wear skates or roller blades on board the bus. Skates and roller blades are required to be removed and other footwear worn.
  32. Skateboards, manual scooters, skates or roller blades are required to be carried and under control at all times.
  33. Tobacco is prohibited on UTA vehicles and bus stops as well as UTA owned property, except at designated locations, in compliance with local, state, and federal law.