UTA Fare Analysis Project

Is our current fare structure working? Is there a better way?

Project Process GraphicWe are looking for your ideas and feedback on our fare structure. This effort will gather input from across the Wasatch Front on how fares are calculated and potential improvements to the current fare system.


Our transit system has grown and changed exponentially over the past 40 years. Amidst all of that change, UTA’s fare structure has largely remained the same – a flat fare for service. Projections show this model will become increasingly unsustainable into the future as our system continues to grow and change to meet the needs of its riders.

With the implementation of electronic fare collection and pre-paid FAREPAY cards, we now have many more options for how a fare is calculated and collected. With the help of public feedback, we will explore these options and determine if improvements to our fares can be made to improve the overall transit system and benefit riders.


Get Involved: Take this survey about UTA fares and potential fare changes.

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