When taking fixed-route transit or driving isn’t an option, Paratransit Service offers the flexibility and accessibility to help get you where you need to go. At UTA, we want to ensure that our Paratransit Service offers everything needed for efficient, safe, and comfortable journeys.

The Paratransit Forward study will help us improve Paratransit Service for all!

Study Overview

UTA, in partnership with the University of Utah, Via Strategies, and Township + Range, is studying the existing Paratransit Service to assess and improve the customer experience. The study will focus on low-income areas, although recommendations may result in improvements across all of UTA’s service area.*

The study will determine how UTA can improve the scheduling process, transition to zero-emission vehicles, and make operations more efficient.

The study will include the following:

  • Community outreach: Engage with current and potential Paratransit customers
  • Stakeholder engagement: Engage with organizations and community leaders
  • Paratransit gap analysis: Use existing data and information to identify where Paratransit is working well and where there are gaps
  • Operational strategies evaluation: Investigate and identify strategies to improve Paratransit services
  • Electrification feasibility research: Evaluate a possible transition to an electrified Paratransit fleet
  • Final report and recommendations

*This study is funded by the Areas of Persistent Poverty Grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), which is awarded to projects that assist Areas of Persistent Poverty, or areas that had poverty rates of 20% or higher during the last 30 year period.

Study Timeline

Study Timeline: Summer 2023 – Fall 2023: UTA Paratransit Service Analysis and Research, Fall 2023 – Spring 2024: Operational Strategies Research, Spring 2024 – Summer 2024: Recommendation Creation, Fall 2023 – Summer 2024: Public and Stakeholder Engagement, Fall 2023 – Spring 2024: Electrification Feasibility Research, Summer 2024: Final Report
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