FrontRunner is UTA’s commuter rail system currently providing service from Ogden to Provo along an 83-mile corridor serving 15 stations in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties. FrontRunner trains use diesel-powered push/pull locomotives and can reach speeds of up to 79 miles per hour. These trains typically have one car designated for bike storage, are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi for passenger convenience and restrooms.

FrontRunner currently operates Monday through Saturday, with 30-minute weekday service during peak travel times, and 60-minute service during non-peak travel hours and Saturdays. Station amenities include free parking and connections to other UTA services. 

FrontRunner Forward

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) FrontRunner commuter rail system currently provides service from Ogden to Provo, UT along an 82-mile corridor. It serves a total of 16 stations, parallel to the Union Pacific Railroad and the I-15 corridor, and connects a ridership of 3.7 million each year to UTA’s service network throughout the Wasatch Front. After more than 14 years of successful service, FrontRunner has an opportunity to become an even better option for commuters and other travelers.

Currently, due to being a mostly single track system, the service is limited to a 30 minute frequency in the peak hours and 60 minute service in the off peak. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and UTA procured independent engineering and operational consultants to develop the "FrontRunner Forward Phasing Plan" to better understand current travel patterns and physical corridor constraints, evaluate future regional rail markets and goals, and identify strategies to continue to improve FrontRunner in logical and meaningful steps. The FrontRunner Forward Phasing Plan aims to create a long-term service vision for FrontRunner and identify the infrastructure needed to meet the following goals. Learn more here.

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